The end of two busy weeks


It has been an incredibly long two weeks of work, though because of how busy it’s been it feels like its gone by in a flash!

I have never been involved in a discovery before, and had no idea what I was letting myself in for – it turns out quite a lot; we have worked really hard, spoken to lots of young people, police officers and staff, and now have a far stronger understanding of how to move forward.

We started by writing a survey to ask young people what their views are, this was ‘iterated’ (an agile term) a number of times, as well as tested on small groups of young people. Following the excellent feedback we made changes and shared it across policing and partner agencies’ networks.

We sent the survey out as widely as we could, and were really pleased that over 5,000 children and young people completed it, giving us their views and helping to shape the future of how we, policing, speak to them.

Our core team of members; Dan, Tom and Joe from the Police ICT Company, as well as Harshul and Saransh from an external supplier, RKH, were joined by Dave, Kara and John from Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary, and Yasmin from the NPCC’s Digital Policing Portfolio – the policing family really coming together to explore this world!

Caroline Adams participating in the Children & Young People discovery work

It was great to be part of such a great high-energy team of people dedicated to getting results driven by what ‘users’ (in this case C&YP) want, for our national portfolio.

Saransh, our user researcher, was out and about speaking to young people in Leicester, wherever they were, and we were able to create a clear picture of how young people feel about engagement with the police.

I spoke to Police C&YP leads and this helped to give us a picture as to the police perspective on engagement with C&YP and what policing wants to achieve through engagement with young people.

As a team, we then spent several days and late evenings and consumed many pizzas distilling all the mass of information gathered and drawing our conclusions.

I am really excited by what we have achieved in the two weeks and grateful to all who worked so hard to help understand what engagement between young people and the police could look like. It’s great that we have a clear idea as to how to improve engagement and ultimately progress child-centred policing.

– Caroline Adams, Staff Officer for National Children & Young Persons Portfolio