The business analyst input into the children & young people discovery work


John Adeniyi, Business Analyst, Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley PoliceWorking on the Children & Young People Discovery was an incredible and thought-provoking experience.

Having joined on the second week of the discovery for two days, I had to really dig in deep to understand the current ‘As-Is’ landscape across forces, and work my way to developing a potential ‘To-Be’ landscape.

My first day was filled with observing how the police, external partners and organisations currently engage with young people. The best part of my task was researching how influential social media users reach out to children & young people and what learning points we could extract from them. Most importantly though, what made this short journey an exciting one as a whole, was hearing the feedback and results we got (from young people themselves) from the research that was conducted on how young people wanted to engage with the Police and how improvements could be made in this area.

Working with a team of people who were passionate about this Discovery was fantastic, and gave me the drive to want to be more involved. As a result of this, I can only see this leading to one outcome… a healthier, unified and consistent approach and strategy to engaging with C&YP, not just for today, but for the future at both a local and national level.

– John Adeniyi, Business Analyst, Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police