Setting out on our Children and Young People discovery work


Dan Bowden, Police ICT CompanyHow can policing better engage with young people? Monday morning arrives and the discovery that we have spent a number of weeks planning to answer this exact question begins.

Surrounded by a table piled high with biscuits, coffee cups and post-it notes is an agile team made up of experts in delivery, user research, analysis, engagement, digital and of course children & young people, ready to kick off what will be a very busy two weeks.

So the challenge has been set; what can we discover to help policing better understand engagement with children and young people in two weeks? The answer, it would seem, is quite a lot.

At the end of day one, our Delivery Manager Harshul ensured the team were able to self-organise, self-prioritise and plan how we will start to understand the key issues around the question. Our user researcher was able to plan the fortnight’s work, and we started thinking through ways to get young people’s views involved and at the heart of this work.

The three questions we need to answer are:

  • How do young people want to engage with policing
  • What do young people want to achieve through engagement with policing?
  • What does policing want to achieve through engagement with young people?

By lunchtime on day two, we’re able to begin distributing the survey across policing, and partners, UK-wide. As I write this, our User Researcher Saransh is out completing some guerrilla research (where he approaches people on the street, in coffee shops etc.) talking to young people, and we are already starting to spot some useful trends and information from the young people taking part in the survey.

A key element is also hearing from policing across the UK what works, and the impact that good engagement with young people can have.

We will post regular blogs and vlogs here to update you on the process and findings from this exciting and important work over the coming two weeks.

Dan Bowden