Launching the National Digital Policing Strategy 2020-2030


The National Digital Policing Strategy 2020-2030: Digital, Data and Technology Strategy (the Strategy) was today launched at the Police ICT Summit 2020. 

The Strategy sets out a new digital ambition for UK policing. It presents a set of tangible digital priorities and outlines the key data and technology building blocks required to deliver them.

In doing so, the Strategy builds on the Policing Vision 2025 and other relevant cross-government strategies that support policing’s core mission to make communities safer.

The Strategy was co-authored by the National Police Technology Council and the Police ICT Company.

NPTC Chair Wayne Parkes said:

“The Strategy has been developed by the service in response to the digital challenges we face, but ultimately for the benefit of the public we serve. It presents five key digital ambitions: seamless citizen experience; addressing harm; enabling officers and staff; embedding a whole public system approach; and empowering the private sector.

“If we are to achieve these goals, we must improve the way we use data and technology and, importantly, the development of the people who lead, manage and use digital capabilities.”

The Police ICT Company CEO Ian Bell said:

“Policing in the UK sets the standard for law enforcement agencies across the globe. New technologies and technical skills shortages have put our service under pressure. However, new technologies that already exist or can be developed also present our service with opportunities to modernise, become more efficient and better equip and enable our officers.

“The Police ICT Company is driven by the mission to support policing to keep people safe, get more from technology investments and make better use of public money. The Company has been playing an important role in assisting the delivery of a number of important programmes for policing, like NEP, Transforming Forensics and the Knowledge Hub, and we are excited to begin working with stakeholders across policing to deliver on the Digital Strategy’s ambitions.”

Read the National Digital Policing Strategy 2020 here.