Knowledge Hub discovery work wrap-up


Nora Davies, Knowledge Manager, Police ICT CompanyHi, my name is Nora and I am the Knowledge Manager at The Police ICT Company. My role is to manage and develop our website and the Knowledge Hub.

As you will have seen from my previous blog, we recently embarked on an agile discovery project to establish user needs within Policing and related organisations with regards to knowledge sharing.

The discovery came to an end this week, although we are still having conversations with a few key stakeholders to get their views on our findings and proposals. All in all, we conducted just under 40 interviews in person and over the phone, in addition to the over 200 responses we received from the survey I discussed last time. We also conducted a review of existing systems in use in both the public and the private sectors, looked at the Knowledge Hub’s existing infrastructure as well as possible alternative options, and reviewed the information architecture on the Knowledge Hub in comparison to content best practice.

In summary, we found that there is a strong desire from Policing for a centralised sharing and collaboration solution with relevant and easy-to-digest content. Three areas of content were mentioned particularly often: information and updates regarding ongoing national programmes, the publication of common ICT standards, and procurement information. Many participants also expressed the opinion that it would be useful to have a space where Policing can share information and collaborate with relevant non-Policing organisations and ICT suppliers.

Knowledge Hub discovery: reviewing personasIt also became clear that the current landscape of information sharing within Policing is quite crowded already, with several local and a few national systems being used by the forces. We are keen to avoid adding more unnecessary noise into the space but do feel that there are needs that are currently not being met and that the Knowledge Hub could help fulfil. We are equally eager to continue to work closely with the College of Policing who administer POLKA, in an effort to ensure that the two systems complement each other as well as to avoid duplication of effort. We had a very productive meeting with the College and are delighted to have their support for our endeavours.

I have been very pleased at the response we’ve got to the discovery work, both from people we already knew had a stake in the project, and from some who have got in touch to express their interest in working with us. Over the next few weeks I will share our findings and proposals with my colleagues in the Company and we will also seek the approval of our Board. Once our proposals are signed off, we will move on to the next phase of putting them into action, at which point I will provide a further update.