Knowledge Hub discovery work: survey results


Nora Davies, Knowledge Manager, Police ICT CompanyHi, my name is Nora and I am the Knowledge Manager at The Police ICT Company. My role is to manage and develop our website and the Knowledge Hub.

The Knowledge Hub allows those in policing to share knowledge, learning and good practice, outside of the public domain. Its aim is to support our members by enabling registered users to find and exchange information on local and national IT programmes and systems, research, collaboration and procurement opportunities.

As part of our discovery project to establish knowledge sharing user needs, the team devised an online survey, which we then distributed as widely as we could within policing, related agencies and the supplier community. The aim of the survey was to find out whether those asked felt that there was a need for a platform to share information on a regional and national level among forces and with national policing bodies, with non-policing emergency services agencies, and/or between policing and ICT suppliers.

Additional questions were asked to identify existing information sharing methods, and views on what sort of content should be shared nationally and what features and functions a sharing solution should provide.

Survey counter on our whiteboardWe are grateful to all who filled in the survey. We received 227 responses and were delighted to have a very good representation of both policing (just under half of respondents) and suppliers (43%), as well as some from national policing bodies. We also had a high number of people volunteer to be interviewed further based on their responses, and we did our best to talk to as many of these as we could.

No questions were mandatory but among those who responded, an overwhelming majority believes that there is a need for a solution for information sharing across police forces and national policing bodies and also between policing and other emergency services and governmental non-policing bodies. ‘Yes’ responses to both of these questions were around 92-93%.

About three-quarters of respondents also told us that it would be useful to have a solution that will enable information sharing and discussions with suppliers.

As to the type of information respondents would like to share, best practice was a frequent answer as well as information around ICT developments and what other forces in the country were working on.

This is only a glimpse at the very high-level results. We are now analysing the answers in more detail along with comments we received during our survey follow-up interviews. As we head toward the last few days of our discovery, we are looking to identify key patterns in user needs based on these answers as well as those gleaned from our other user research methods. We will then use these to produce a clear statement of purpose for the Knowledge Hub and a recommendation for its direction for the near to mid-term future.