Company membership is open to police governance bodies, as well as other public bodies and agencies with an interest in securing efficient and effective police ICT services and public safety.

Funding comes from a number of sources:

  1. The Company ‘Core’ services are funded by members’ subscription. Funding for the Company has been set for three years and requires a flat rate yearly fee of £60,000 from each Member, paid annually in advance. This is reviewed each year in line with the Company’s Business Plan.
  2. Funding for other services (i.e. new work programmes and commissions) is provided via bids for grants available through sources such as the Home Office Innovation and Transformation Funds. The Company has also been asked to carry out work for national programmes and to support forces’ ICT improvements, for which specific funding is provided by those commissioning the work.
  3. Income is received from the participants in the commercial deals that the Company negotiates on behalf of policing and this income is used to pay suppliers for services and products.

Company Budget Analysis

The Company’s budget for 2017/18 consists of:

Subscriptions £2,700,000
Commercial Income & Commissions £5,471,000
Total £8,171,000
Cost of Sales £4,487,012
Operating Expenses £1,142,500
Staff Costs £2,363,000
Total £7,992,512
Contingency £178,488