Knowledge Hub discovery work

22/05/2017 - 09/06/2017

We recently embarked on a three-week Discovery Project on the Knowledge Hub to establish what key stakeholders want and need from the service.

Communication is key to the Company and one of the ways we will support and deliver information to stakeholders will be to develop the Knowledge Hub from what it is today into a national interactive, current and accessible ICT repository. In order to do this effectively we needed to find out what users need; what similar technologies and solutions exist – and how much they are used; whether existing information sharing systems which require change or re-tendering could usefully leverage the investment in the Knowledge Hub; what our technical options are – and probably most importantly, what the Knowledge Hub shouldn’t be.

Knowing the answers to these questions, we will now be able to produce a plan to take the Hub forward and ensure it is helping Policing work by the sharing of information efficiently and conveniently – not just ICT-related information, all relevant information which would benefit from being accessible by the broader law enforcement as well as the supplier community.

The Knowledge Hub discovery team

The discovery team: Tom Smith, Paul Hosking, Paul Sculthorpe (RKH), Nora Davies, Joe Kelly and Dan Bowden

The discovery lasted three weeks and involved several of our team as well some outside technical expertise. It was important that we seek input and views from the community so we conducted a number of interviews with stakeholders.

We created a survey to try to understand what the user needs are for policing, partner organisations and suppliers to share information and collaborate amongst each other. This survey is now closed – get a sneak preview of the first, high-level results. You can also read about our user research, our findings and the next steps in our wrap-up blog.

If you have any comments on the discovery, please get in touch with our Knowledge Manager, Nora Davies.