DPC Discovery Work: Central Ticketing Office

04/04/2017 - 19/04/2017

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This discovery project, the last of a six-week series of three discoveries, is about understanding what a Central Ticketing Office (CTO) is and how they are used in forces.

The Digital Public Contact (DPC) team are leading a project exploring transactions, and have commissioned The Police ICT Company to support them, through a discovery, to explore how policing can improve the use of central ticket offices.

The DPC programme is led by Chief Constable Simon Cole, pictured below.

The discovery will last two weeks and involves working closely with a number of key partners from police forces, the wider policing family and, most importantly, speaking to users of the existing service.

Simon Cole, Chief Constable, Leicestershire Police

Simon Cole, Chief Constable, Leicestershire Police

The high-level goals in this project are to explore how citizens might use a digital service to pay fines and tickets over a traditional physical/paper-based process. We will cover existing tools and their usefulness, what other agencies and organisations are doing in this space, potential payment platforms, and identify if there is an untapped demand for police to be operating differently in this area.

We will be posting updates about the work but to find out more about this discovery or the wider Digital Public Contact programme, get in touch with Selvin Baker, Programme Manager.


Lexie Bryson, Business Analyst, Digital Policing ProgrammeLexie Bryson, Business Analyst at the DPP, explains some of the findings of the CTO discovery project:

“Hi, I’m Lexie and I am working on The Digital Public Contact (DPC) Programme as a Business Analyst. Over the past two weeks I have taken part in the CTO Discovery. My role as a Business Analyst was to engage with a number of UK forces to analyse and understand current CTO processes and identify any similarities and differences, alongside opportunities for improvement.”

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Saransh Gupta, User Researcher at Rock Kitchen HarrisSaransh Gupta, User Researcher at Rock Kitchen Harris, gives us an insight into what a user researcher’s goal is during a discovery and how his input helps the overall goals of the project:

“Hi! I’m Saransh and I am a User Researcher from Rock Kitchen Harris working on the CTO discovery project alongside business analysts, a technical lead and others. My role is to understand how users carry out different tasks within CTO, identify any pain points they come across, and compile a list of user needs based on this research. I’ve used several research methods including face to face interviews, shadowing users and user journey mapping in order to fully understand the various processes involved.”

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Tom Smith, Police ICT CompanyThe Police ICT Company’s Tom Smith explains the basics of the Central Ticketing Office discovery work and why this discovery is more challenging than the previous three.

“Moving into the third #DPCdiscovery in Leicester we are in an interesting position. This discovery is a real challenge, to understand how policing is using central ticketing offices (CTO), what they are using them for, and what opportunities exist, if there are any, to make the process more efficient for forces, and more user friendly for members of the public.”

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