Children and Young People discovery work

20/02/2017 - 03/03/2017

How do children and young people want to engage with the police?

Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary

That is the question that Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, who leads this area, hoped to find out through a unique piece of discovery work, which took place recently in Leicester.

The discovery phase lasted two weeks in February and seeked to explore the question ‘how can we engage with children and young people more effectively, and in a way that suits them and keeps them from harm?’ The team included staff and officers from within policing, as well as experts drawn from outside of the sector. The objective of the discovery was to generate some actionable outcomes that policing can take forward.

A short survey was produced asking young people how they want to interact with the police. Over 5,000 10-24-year-olds filled in this survey, and the team are now in the process of analysing the results.


John Adeniyi, Business Analyst, Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley PoliceJohn Adeniyi, Business Analyst at the Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police, provides insight into why he enjoyed being part of the discovery work so much:

“Working on the Children & Young People Discovery was an incredible and thought-provoking experience. Having joined on the second week of the discovery for two days, I had to really dig in deep to understand the current ‘As-Is’ landscape across forces, and work my way to developing a potential ‘To-Be’ landscape.”

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Caroline Adams, Staff Officer for National Children & Young Persons PortfolioCaroline Adams, Staff Officer for National Children & Young Persons Portfolio, looks back at her first agile discovery project and what the team have learned from the work:

“It has been an incredibly long two weeks of work, though because of how busy it’s been it feels like its gone by in a flash! I have never been involved in a discovery before, and had no idea what I was letting myself in for – it turns out quite a lot…”

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Yasmin Nobbs, Programme Support Officer, Digital Policing PortfolioYasmin Nobbs, Programme Support Officer at the DPP, shares her views on how the way we communicate has changed and why this means that starting with user needs is so important:

“It’s so important that in policing we work closely together and share information about what works (and what doesn’t!) where we can. That’s why, as the representative of the Digital Policing Portfolio, I find myself in Leicester for the second week of the Children and Young People discovery work.”

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Dan Bowden, Police ICT CompanyOur service manager for this work gives a behind-the-scenes peek into how the team have been setting up for the discovery:

“Surrounded by a table piled high with biscuits, coffee cups and post-it notes is an agile team made up of experts in delivery, user research, analysis, engagement, digital and of course children & young people, ready to kick off what will be a very busy two weeks.”

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