Company reveals its service offer to policing


The Police ICT Company has formally revealed its service offer to UK policing.

Speaking on day one of the annual Police ICT Summit, the Company’s CEO, Ian Bell, pledged to support policing to keep people safe, get more from technology investments and make better use of public money.

The Police ICT Company service offer includes ten individual lines of support that policing can expect the Company to provide on its behalf. These are supported by scaling three fundamental pillars to incrementally deliver greater value to policing and a more sustainable model between now and 2021:

• Helping set the direction: In partnership with the National Police Technology Council, providing technical insight and leadership to define how policing and its partners can use technology to deliver the Policing Vision 2025;

• Sourcing the deal: Negotiating and managing contracts, achieving efficiencies and value for money; and

• Assuring the delivery: Supporting the major policing technology programmes, reducing risk and coordinating service delivery.

Ian Bell was appointed by the Company’s Board, led by Chair, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, in February 2018. Upon taking up his post, he embarked on a formative re-set and re-brand of the Company among its policing and supplier partners and government, with the aim of delivering its services for policing, by policing. Since then he has secured transformation funding to support the Company achieve its ambition through a full business case and implementation plan.

Reflecting on the 11 months since his appointment, he said: “I have never known 11 months to have flown like these have – it’s been an incredibly busy, often challenging, but ultimately hugely enjoyable, as well as successful, period. It has resulted in a service proposition, based on customer requirements, that will see us become a major contracting authority and delivery vehicle for real change.

“We have needed to make sure we did everything right, designing the business from the foundation up, and with the full support of our national and local customers – policing. My view has always been that if we can get the buy-in, gain the trust and confidence in our ability, we can really begin to make a difference – and doing so in partnership is crucial. Our service proposition is testament to the hard work of at least 80 individuals, representing all of our major stakeholders, including members of the Company team.
“I’m confident we now have the solid foundations on which to build a hugely successful future.”

The Company’s Chair, Katy Bourne, said: “It is a privilege to be chairing the Police ICT Company for a third year and to have seen it develop into a crucial and critical friend to our police forces.

“Embracing the Challenge of Change” is a fitting theme this year as the Company navigates a path through the complex technological environment, seizing new opportunities that will enable positive change in end-to-end business across policing and law enforcement.

“They are listening attentively to the needs of policing and have developed new and lasting relationships with suppliers to deliver both cashable and cost avoidance savings to police forces across the country.”