Company responds to HMIC ‘State of Policing’ report


Responding to the publication of HMIC’s ‘State of Policing’ report, Martin Wyke, Police ICT Company CEO, said:

“We welcome the HMIC report, which highlights that the police service must work collaboratively with us to radically improve their combined capability to procure systems. Each force seeks to be responsive to local concerns and many have pursued their own ICT solutions to meet particular challenges, or collaborated with a few other forces, resulting in an overlapping patchwork of local, regional and national solutions.

“With austerity, the changing nature of crime, the increasing pace of technological change and rising public expectations, the police service is facing many challenges which better management of its ICT can help it meet.

“Good police ICT should improve efficiency by reducing the need for repetitive, routine tasks, allowing officers to concentrate on what they do best – protecting the public. We strongly believe that the current patchwork police ICT model is no longer viable.

“The Company now forms part of the national landscape and has already made progress and is making a difference. From April 2016/17 onwards, it will be in a strong position to drive forward with the delivery of programmes that add further value for its police force and national organisation members.

“Our programme of work is aimed at paying more back to policing than is paid into the Company by supporting the delivery of a more coordinated approach, identifying and removing overlapping and duplicate effort and increasing opportunities for collaborative and national working.

“As well as driving efficiencies we are also keen to encourage integration, collaboration and structural reform. This will require both harmonisation of business processes and information in order to allow true interoperability and adopting both national and regional approaches to technology.

“We are under no illusions that the task ahead is challenging. Our approach is to think big, start small and grow incrementally. We are part of the solution and need the cooperation and commitment of all our forces and suppliers in order to succeed.”