Company awards Airwave terminal framework contract


The Police ICT Company has awarded the national Airwave terminal procurement framework contract to Motorola Solutions and Sepura plc in a deal that has the potential for significant savings across police forces and the wider public sector.

The framework offers a central, Police ICT Company-managed framework contract for the supply of TETRA devices and accessories.
The framework contract, which is fully compliant with the Public Contract Regulations, was procured for and on behalf of policing by The Police ICT Company and frees forces of the burden of individually letting and re-letting stand-alone Public Contract Regulation compliant contracts.

Police ICT Company CEO, Ian Bell, said: “This is excellent news for the police service and its public sector partners, who will also have access to the framework, ensuring full price transparency and lowest cost across the supply chain over the course of the framework agreement.

“In addition to the clear and immediate benefits of significant efficiencies and discounts to forces, the fact that the Company will manage the contract with Motorola and Sepura on their behalf will help streamline governance, reduce collective contract management burden and drive commonality.”

Fergus Mayne, Motorola Solutions´ Sales Director for UK and Ireland, said: “We are pleased to be part of the National Airwave Terminal Framework contract with the Police ICT Company to provide police forces with a very competitive offering of a wide range of devices and solutions for their mission-critical communications needs, including handheld, mobile and covert digital radio terminal options. Our portfolio is designed for the specific needs of police forces.”

Sepura’s UK Sales Director, Gary Maughan, said: “Sepura acknowledges significant value in The Police ICT Company’s successful establishment of a procurement framework for users to refresh their Airwave radios.
“We recognise that TETRA is the leading truly open standard for mission critical communications. TETRA has continued to evolve and Sepura is focused on delivering state of the art devices and compelling applications. We will work with the Police ICT Company framework to ensure that organisations are able to efficiently access the TETRA solutions that facilitate their day-to-day work of keeping the public safe.”