Clue joins Police ICT Company’s vendor management service


Investigation and intelligence software company, Clue, has become the latest SME to join the Police ICT Company’s vendor management service.

The association means that Clue software can be bought easily, with no lengthy procurement processes and for as long as needed.

Clue software is typically used in complex, data heavy investigations by around half of all UK police forces. In recent years its use has extended significantly across government agencies, public sector organisations and the private sector.

Ian Bell, Police ICT Company CEO, said: “We’re always delighted to welcome on board suppliers who demonstrate they have listened to the needs of policing and worked with us to offer simple, powerful technology than can work in conjunction with other systems. Clue becoming the latest SME to join our vendor management service as a managed vendor is excellent news for police forces, who can benefit from the modern and flexible approach they offer.”

Clue is now predominantly deployed in the cloud but most of the specialist units within policing that use Clue are still hosting it on internal infrastructure. Forces are however increasingly moving towards a “cloud first” strategy, but Clue does not insist on cloud. This is to ensure they continue to reflect the specific requirements of highly sensitive units.

Thomas Drohan, Commercial Director at Clue Computing, said: “The timing of us joining the Company’s vendor management service is good as we can offer both a simplified procurement model and a rapid and secure cloud deployment capability. Pay per use can replace lengthy contracts if that’s what forces need. It means that Clue can be brought in for a single investigation if required.”