Children and young people – prioritising user needs


Yasmin Nobbs, Programme Support Officer, Digital Policing PortfolioIt’s so important that in policing we work closely together and share information about what works (and what doesn’t!) where we can. That’s why, as the representative of the Digital Policing Portfolio, I find myself in Leicester for the second week of the Children and Young People discovery work. The discovery, which is being run as a partnership between the NPCC and the Police ICT Company, on behalf of Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, is focussed on exploring the very best way for policing to engage with children and young people (those under the age of 24 – I still just make it into this bracket!)

In the Digtial Policing Portfolio, we often talk about how the way we communicate on a daily basis has massively changed in recent years. We are focussed on understanding how contact between the public and the police has changed, and how public expectation is driving policing change. Our local communities call on us when they need us most, it’s vital that the public are able to contact us in a way that suits them.

It’s particularly important that any solution to a problem is driven by the user, and user needs. It’s one of the key principles we work to, and something we feel is incredibly important. That’s why the discovery process is so rewarding; being able to engage with children and young people has enabled us to obtain information first hand of their perceptions of the police, and the channels they feel are most suited for engaging with us.

The outcomes of this discovery will feed not only into the future of police engagement with children and young people, but also into the upcoming Digital Policing Portfolio discovery and Social Media as a Contact Channel. Working in partnership with Chief Constable Pinkney’s team, as well as Rock Kitchen Harris and The Police ICT Company has ensured some very exciting findings.

– Yasmin Nobbs, Programme Support Officer, Digital Policing Portfolio