From a peak number of 11 permanent and seconded staff in the first year of operation, the Company now has 15 employees (including nine permanent and six fixed term), three secondees and six contractors, for a total of 24 people. All work to support the activities of the Company alongside selected external partners, currently providing our finance systems and our legal and commercial support and procurement.

In addition to the resources covered by our core finances, we occasionally contract additional programme and project management and ICT architecture resources as part of the funding we receive.

Following the recent appointment of Ian Bell as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, work is currently underway to shape the Company’s future structure and operations.

  • Ian Bell, CEO, Police ICT Company

    Photo of Ian Bell, CEO of The Police ICT Company and Deputy Chair of the NPTCIan joined Cambridgeshire Constabulary in September 2008 as Head of ICT Service Delivery. His remit was to create a cohesive Service Delivery team and create substantial opportunity for cashable savings whilst creating a platform for new technological opportunities. His successes included the delivery of best of breed ICT architecture were delivered with best of breed technologies, delivering multiple millions of savings.

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  • Charles McKay, Chief Operating Officer

    Charles McKay, Police ICT Company COO

    Charles comes to the Police ICT Company to oversee and lead on the operational and commercial direction for the Company, building a strategy for a joined up ICT infrastructure and the delivery of a coherent technological tool set that is fit for purpose to use across the police forces of the UK.

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  • Autumn

    Autumn, The Police ICT Company hearing dog

    Autumn is a specially-trained hearing dog who started with The Police ICT Company at the same time as her owner, Charles McKay, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer.

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  • Gary Chahal, Commercial Analyst

    Gary Chahal, Commercial AnalystGary joined us in July of 2017 and is responsible for the production and interpretation of financial management analysis and performance indicators linked to the Company's structure and objectives; reporting them directly to the Head of Commercial.

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  • Nora Davies, Knowledge Manager

    Nora Davies, Knowledge Manager, Police ICT Company

    Nora's role is to manage the Police ICT Knowledge Hub and website, developing them in accordance with the needs of and feedback from our members. She also works with our Communications Manager to manage our social media presence.

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  • Gavin Gardner, Finance Officer

    Gavin Gardner, Finance Officer., Police ICT CompanyGavin joined the company in April 2017 initially on a temporary basis and works closely with the Business Manager to assist in providing a full range of finance and business support services. His background is mainly in banking and he joined Lloyds Bank in 1983 in what was then the Foreign Exchange department and spent several years learning all the relevant back office functions. This included foreign payments, various types of trading contracts and keeping track of the foreign exchange dealers position so they could trade effectively.

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  • Anna Horne, Communications Manager

    Anna Horne, Communications Manager, Police ICT Company

    Anna's role is to lead work on the Company’s communications strategy and implementation plans. She leads on all the communications elements of stakeholder engagement, media relations and event planning, as well as the Company's marketing materials. Her role is key to making sure that the Company's work within policing is communicated in the most efficient and effective way to its national stakeholders.

  • Joe Kelly, Project Manager

    Joe Kelly, Project ManagerAs part of our business development team, Joe works with both suppliers and policing to bring about more efficient, innovative and collaborative use of technology. Work he is currently involved in includes leading on the management of the national “Access for All” agreement, to generate services and efficiencies for policing, and the MPS Digital 101 work.

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  • Heidi Koyun, Human Resources Manager

    Heidi Koyun, HR Manager, Police ICT Company

    Heidi joined the Company in July 2015, initially on secondment from Home Office HR to support the start-up of the Police ICT Company. With the Chief Executive already in post, Heidi was responsible for recruiting his team. She eventually moved across to the Company in April 2016 and now leads on all people-related matters within the Company.

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  • Cara Levin, PA

    Cara Levin, PA to CEO and COO, Police ICT Company

    Cara provides executive diary management to the Chief Executive, while also offering administration support to the team. She is responsible for managing diaries, setting up meetings, greeting clients, formatting and sending out documents, ordering stationery and dealing with new enquires. Cara joined the team in December 2016 from Keystone Law.

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  • Ben Nelson, Head of Commercial

    Ben Nelson, Head of CommercialBen is responsible for all aspects of the company’s commercial activity, both internal and external, with a remit to drive commercial benefit and efficiency across policing. He aims to do this through working with suppliers to recognise policing as a single customer and therefore to drive greater economies of scale.

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  • Dipesh Parmar, Digital Community Officer

    Dipesh joined the company in September 2018 as the Digital Community Officer and comes from a wide and varied background as a Digital Media Specialist. He has worked in web development, digital media and technology training with a with a BSC focused in Digital Media Technology from Nottingham Trent University. Since graduating he has been heavily involved in the digital media and technology arena.

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  • Marie Perry, Governance Officer

    Marie joined the Company in 2016, taking on the role of Governance Officer in November 2017. Marie is responsible for ensuring the Company complies with all relevant policies, and leads on ensuring a rigorous approach to risk management. She also supports arrangements for the Company Board, Committees and Annual General Meeting, as well as assisting the Business Manager in the general management of the Company.

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  • Tamsin Posteraro, Deputy Head of Commercial

    Tamsin joined the Company in October 2018 to support the Head of Commercial in managing the tactical and strategic issues related to the commercial and procurement elements of the Company. She helps manage the Company's commercial activities through negotiation with various stakeholders, delivering and developing commercial procedures and policies and ensuring commercial agreements are legally sound. She began her career working in crime and investigations at Irwin Mitchell solicitors and then moved away from criminal law into a career in commercial with a strong focus on defence and security. She has worked for Rolls-Royce in defence aerospace and nuclear submarines; general dynamics in C4I and Leonardo in cyber security. Most recently Tamsin offered private sector expertise into the Joint Security and Resilience Centre within the Home Office, working to create a joint response to national security challenges. Outside of work, Tamsin is a mentor for children in foster care and also interested in mindfulness, yoga and meditation and the powerful impact that this can have.

  • Michael Russell, Head of Finance and Company Secretary

    Michael Russell, Head of Finance and Company Secretary

    Michael is an experienced leader who has worked for more than 30 years in roles involving setting up, establishing and running business support services, governance and delivering business change.

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  • Lynne Spiers, Head of Organisational Development and Quality Assurance

    Lynne Spiers, Head, Organisational Development and Quality Assurance, Police ICT CompanyLynne joined the Company in July 2015, on secondment from the Home Office. Originally brought in as Policy Manager to help set up the Company, like many of the early team, Lynne turned her hand to many different things.

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