proKura is a ground-breaking commercial collaboration between the Company and Fortrus Limited, our collaboration partner, on behalf of UK policing. It provides UK policing with rapid access to technology solutions whilst managing a dynamic ICT supplier base. It is designed to procure technology solutions, from commodity purchases through to digital transformation and managed services, without the need for extended and costly procurement exercises. In effect, it provides UK policing with the opportunity to engage directly with proKura registered suppliers in a compliant manner.

proKura gives UK policing, under the umbrella of a framework agreement, access to a wide range of ICT services including services to enable solutions to be designed, built, tested and deployed to meet the changing needs of UK policing and law enforcement.

Suppliers can find out more from the Suppliers’ Guide on this page. Please contact to discuss with us your requirements or potential opportunities.

Members of the policing and law enforcement community can find out more by visiting the Knowledge Hub and ask to join the ‘proKura’ group.