What we are here to do

The Company has designed a service offer based on our customers’ (policing’s) requirements and has an ambitious but measured plan to deliver it. The model sees the Company scaling three service pillars to incrementally deliver greater value to UK policing and law enforcement partners and deliver a more sustainable model between now and 2021.

Service Pillar 1: Set and maintain the direction

  • Maintain, iterate and counsel: on the national capability model, design standards and architecture;
  • Advise funding bodies on national technology needs and opportunities;
  • Horizon scan for good technology practices, providing a national perspective; and
  • Identify, prioritise and support: enhanced service delivery through innovative technology.


Service Pillar 2: Source the deal

  • Procure and progress commercial opportunities, driving economies of scale;
  • Build trusting relationships with technology suppliers, stimulating the market to better meet needs; and
  • Optimise, aggregate and consolidate policing technology contracts, increasing performance and value for money.



Service Pillar 3: Assure the delivery

  • Coordinate and support the national technical design authority, aligning initiatives to support the Policing Vision 2025 and national technology strategy;
  • Provide proportionate management to national programmes and live systems; and
  • De-risk delivery through accredited programme assurance, mobilisation support and portfolio interdependency management.