The Police ICT Company is a private company limited by guarantee established by Police and Crime Commissioners to support policing to make the public safer through better ICT. We seek to act as a bridge between the policing, technological and commercial worlds. We will help the service buy ICT better, manage it better and exploit new capabilities more successfully.

We will cut the costs of police ICT, reduce duplication, improve collaboration and improve the public’s experience of dealing with the police. Ultimately we aim to pay more back into policing than is paid into The Company.

In providing support and services to its members, The Company carries out the following functions:

  • We lead and challenge – through leadership we provide guidance in relation to technology, including the development of strategy, standards and architecture design.
  • We deliver services such as national systems and solutions, applications, procurement services and a catalogue of products.
  • We support members to develop strategy and make investment decisions in terms of technology infrastructure, services and solutions, enabling collaboration and integration, all to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We innovate to bring together the operational requirements of policing with the innovation of industry thereby ensuring policing is equipped to make the best use of available technology.

To find out more about us, please download our digital flyer. The flyer provides a concise summary of our aims and objectives, our Board, our commercial successes and services we provide.


When The Company was first established, research carried out with police forces demonstrated the need for The Company specifically to deliver the following objectives.

  • Provide an overarching IT strategy which will enable the development of a national police IT framework to help forces align and harmonise their local systems
  • Commission the delivery of national police ICT requirements
  • Support law enforcement agencies to deliver services more efficiently and effectively by enabling greater collaboration, integration and harmonisation between ICT systems
  • Secure value for money by helping law enforcement agencies get the best deal from suppliers
  • Provide a centre of knowledge and expertise in relation to ICT, encouraging innovation, supporting the delivery of digital capabilities and identifying opportunities for collaboration and shared learning

Background and establishment of The Company

When Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were elected the Home Office proposed that they take ownership of a Police ICT Company to drive efficiencies in procurement, support ongoing police ICT operation and innovation. A Police ICT Board was established to review the requirement.  The Board commissioned a number of pieces of work to better understand the problem and the scale of the possible savings that could be achieved. A proposal to establish The Company was put to the Police and Crime Commissioners on 3 February 2015. A vote confirmed that, given the scale of potential savings in the longer term (at least £150m per annum), The Company should be formed.

The proposal to establish The Police ICT Company was based on evidence which suggested that a national strategic coordination function for Police ICT would improve the delivery of efficient and effective policing, which is a statutory requirement of Police and Crime Commissioners, Chief Constables and other policing governance bodies.  The evidence to support the proposal comes from the following documents:

  1. Policing in Austerity:  Rising to the Challenge, HMIC, July 2013
  2. State of policing: the annual assessment of policing in England and Wales 2012/13, HMIC, March 2014
  3. Local Police ICT Systems Evidence Base, Bluelightworks, October 2014 (not publicly available)
  4. Police ICT Company, Ipsos Mori, February 2015 (not publicly available)