The Police ICT Company is a company limited by guarantee, owned and funded by policing. We support policing to keep people safe, get more from technology investments and make better use of public money.

We aim to do this by providing technical insight, negotiating and managing contracts to achieve efficiencies and value for money and becoming a source of support for major policing technology programmes. We put policing and law enforcement at the heart of every ICT decision.

We offer a suite of service ranging from technology horizon scanning, advising funding bodies, and identifying and prioritising innovative technologies to procurement of commercial opportunities and service management of national programmes for customers including police forces, governing bodies and suppliers.

Ultimately we aim to pay more back into policing than is paid into the Company by its membership.

Owned by our Members, most of whom are police and crime commissioners, we are a small company working for, and on behalf of, Policing since July 2015.