The Police ICT Company is a private company limited by guarantee established, owned and funded by Police and Crime Commissioners to support policing to make the public safer through better ICT.

About The Police ICT CompanyWe seek to act as a bridge between the policing, technological and commercial worlds. We will help the service buy ICT better, manage it better and exploit new capabilities more successfully.

The Police ICT Company's goalsWe will cut the costs of police ICT, reduce duplication, improve collaboration and improve the public’s experience of dealing with the police.

Ultimately we aim to pay more back into policing than is paid into the Company.

Owned by our Members, most of whom are Police and Crime Commissioners, we are a small company working for, and on behalf of, Policing since July 2015.

To find out more about us, please download our digital flyer or our business plan. The flyer provides a concise summary of our aims and objectives, our Board, our commercial successes and services we provide.