Archive: Jan 2016

  1. 26/01/2016

    Tomorrow the Company holds its first Supplier s’Summit, at which we and police leaders will set out their vision for a service which acquires and uses ICT more intelligently and efficiently. 

    At present, to be frank, the service wastes a lot … Read More

  2. 22/01/2016

    Next week sees our first Suppliers’ Summit bringing together the police service and the supplier community for the first time under our umbrella. Ahead of that gathering I thought it would be useful to set out what the Police ICT … Read More

  3. 20/01/2016

    Here at the Police ICT Company we are looking forward to our first Summit at the end of this month. I wanted to briefly set the scene for this event and what we want to achieve from it.

    Although there has … Read More